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Want a quick little project ? Turn an old picture frame into a usable Push Pin board in just a few minutes! In my case I’ve had this picture in my storage room for the past 14 years…with a broken piece of glass in it and a piece of art that no longer matches a single thing in my home. It was a dry mounted poster, so I already had a perfect surface to attach the cork board material to. So I bought a roll of cork board and a can of spray adhesive at my local AC MOORE. I then measured the cork to the size of the picture and easily cut it with scissors. I sprayed the adhesive on the foam core and carefully attached the cork to the foam core starting on one side and pressing it evenly across until it was adhered to the foam core, popped in back into the frame and hung it up in my kitchen…we use it everyday.  One this size would have cost $299 at Ballard Designs. Try it!