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Hello Again!

Thank you to those of you that have emailed me with donations for the apartment that we (and I mean ALL of us–including you!) are decorating.  Just wanted to give you an update of the progress.

The single mom with an 18 month old girl moved in last week with only her clothes.  The apartment is very clean and bright.  The shelter furnished her with a full size bed, a crib, a small dining room table with 2 chairs and a small dresser.  That is it.  She does not have any kitchen equipment at all–none–not a plate or a cup or a pot.

Many of you have been kind enough to look through your homes and come up with furnishings/accessories that will go a long way in transforming this apartment into a real home for this young mother and her child.

What we still need is:

A small microwave
Pots and pans
silverware/cooking utensils
a couple of outdoor chairs (for her balcony)
a few good toys and perhaps a small white bookcase to house the toys in the baby girls room
Perhaps an area rug

Furniture is always needed.  There are always new families in need.  I will be helping other families in the future–so keep it in mind when you are looking for a new home for that old couch or chair.  (in decent shape, please)  I can arrange for a pick up for you.

Tuesday and Wednesday of next week will be move in/decorating days so if there is anything else you’d like me to pick up–please let me know before then (preferably by this weekend).




Hello All:

I am currently helping families in transitional housing sponsored by The National Center for Children and Families, NCCF–or more commonly known to most of us as The Greentree Shelter.  NCCF has 8 transitional two-bedroom apartment units in the Silver Spring area, that house a family for up to 18 months and help them get on their feet.  These apartments are furnished with donated items.  Some of the families come with nothing but their clothes in bags, while others have some furnishings.  My goal is to help make these apartments more of a “home” for the families.  Having a place to call home, that is welcoming and inviting is so important to all of us.  I think it will go a long way in helping a struggling family to feel better about their environment and about themselves.  They are able to take the donated items with them when they move from the apartment to their permanent home.

Currently I am working with a single mother with an 18-month-old.  She is working full time.  The center did not have any living room furniture for her when she moved in last week.  She has a dining room table, chairs, a bed for her and a crib for her baby.  I am looking for items that we could use to furnish her apartment.  Couch, chairs, tables, lamps, pictures for the walls, perhaps a rocker for the baby’s room.  NCCF has a donation program for these items and can pick them up from you.  I can help you arrange for the pick up, or if you prefer you can drop off the items at the Shelter on Greentree Rd.  I would also be happy to pick up smaller items and deliver them myself.

Contact me at kathy@apointofhue if you have any questions, or would like to know more on how you can help Greentree Shelter or visit the NFCC website at