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Just a quick thought before we all share our Thanksgiving feast with our loved ones…

“It is better to give than to receive” is such a remarkable truth.

I feel truly blessed for the opportunity to give.  Decorating the apartments of the  NCCF families has been a gift to me in many ways.  I have experienced remarkable generosity from so many people that want to give to this project.  I have made new friends and strengthened my relationship with others.  I have received so many kinds words of encouragement and praise. Needless to say, it warms my heart knowing that the families are living more comfortably and that we may have made a difference that changes their life and breaks the cycle.  The best gift of all.

By giving these families an opportunity to thrive in their new home, I have unexpectedly received, and I hope you have too. Knowing that what you have contributed has gone directly to helping others is a wonderful gift.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!  Thank you for all your donations and efforts to this project.  We will be helping many more families in the future!  So keep checking the blog!



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  1. Stephen l Parker Says:

    Dear Kath,
    This was truly amazing! Talk about a transformation! You’re all incredible. When I saw P.P. last week I gave her all your info. about what you are doing. She was very excited and was going to go to the blog. Who knows you might get some much needed contributions
    I hope maybe I can help this summer. See you tomorrow and Merry Christmas and thank you for what you are doing. LOve cathy

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