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I just received a touching letter from the Executive Director at The National Center for Children and Families, Sheryl Brissett Chapman.  It appears that I have been nominated as their 2009 Maryland Volunteer of the Year.  Needless to say I am very touched and appreciate the honor of this award.

I wanted to share with you a few excerpts from her letter…

…you have given the families in the Family Stabilization Program a fresh start…

Your patience and kind-heartedness have brought several families to tears of joy.  Through your artistic and personal efforts, you have created a sense of optimism in the lives of each family.

You don’t just decorate each home; you scrub, clean, paint, hang pictures and move furniture.  You take the time to learn the personal tastes and character of each client, incorporating their likes into your designs…

I have had a lot of help, and want to thank all of you who have donated to this wonderful project, now named, “Project Home”.  Special thanks to Amy Hartman, volunteer extraordinaire, my expert shopping buddy and goods gatherer not to mention the painter of personal name signs for our kids rooms, (among her may talents).  Also Karen Murley, a fellow redesigner, who has sewn curtains, pillows and chair covers on site.  Karen has a gift of gathering “stuff” and has put together an impressive inventory for our future projects.  Both of these talented women have taken this project to heart and helped me immensely.  Their continued enthusiasm for this project keeps me going.  Many thanks also go to Deb Werner, Tricia Weidenmayer, Jill Kaufman, Denise Standen , Susan Perman, Ally Connelly, Tom Connelly and Richard Zdanis who have helped me haul, paint, scrub toilets, organize closets, whatever! I thank you all for your willingness to do anything needed and for allowing me to do whatever I wanted!

While reading the Mission statement of NCCF, I realized that what we are doing with “Project Home” is completely in line with their statement:

To create total, healthy living environments for vulnerable children, youth, and families, and the quality of life which empowers their ability to thrive and demonstrate responsibility.

We hope to  continue to support these families in the coming years and are now able to accept cash donations in the name of this project to help us with the costs involved in setting up these homes. Donations would be made to National Center for Children and Families, earmarked for “Project Home”.

Thanks again for your support and well wishes for “Project Home”.


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  1. LC Says:

    Congratulations!! Great pictures :)

  2. Sharon Says:

    Looks like fun, Kathy. Count me in…and I’ll see if I can get my neighbors to help too (he’s an electrician)

  3. Tanisha Ryal Says:

    I exceptionally enjoyed this read. Continue your great work.

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