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10-3-1-fsp-office-in-progress-012We are underway in our quest to create a more inviting space for the folks at the Family Stabilization Center.  “Operation Home” has transformed the apartments of 5 families so far.  The director of the program, asked me if this time I would work some magic on their tired offices.  Having  seen the transformations of the homes that we have done for the families in their program, they realized that they could really use some help in the center.  If they are to expect the families to take care of their homes, then they need to present a better example themselves.   The center is located in an apartment in the complex where the families live.  It has been furnished with left over donations from Greentree, some homemade paintings, and a whole loft of bulletin boards.  It was not the cheery, inspirational environment that is needed to inspire these young people to want to do more in their lives.   Nor was it a pleasant work environment for the  case workers that spend many exhausting hours counseling and nurturing, supporting and teaching their clients and hopefully successfully transitioning them into a productive, healthy lifestyle.

I had one condition…I had to paint to really make an impact.  Paint is the best way to spark some new life into a space.  Over the last 7 days a small herd of volunteers painted and moved furniture, put together new furniture, cleaned and organized.  I am completely exhausted, but no time to rest.  We still have pillows and window coverings to make, things to frame, pictures to hang and lighting to buy.  This is truly an example of “It Takes A Village”  because I couldn’t do this without the help of many people.  I have called in favors from just about everyone I know.  It is heart warming to me that so many people are willing to help (and it has taken a lot of help).    This project has required more money and energy than all the apartments combined.  And it’s not done yet.  If you would like to make a donation to our “Project Home” Project, you may make your donation to the National Center for Children and Families, earmarked for “Project Home”-Kathy Connelly.  Mail it to:  NCCF 6301 Greentree Rd. Bethesda, MD 20817.  You will know that 100% of your donation will go to help to create a better environment for the families in this program.  I mean 100% !

The before and afters will be coming next in the next blog…

Thanks volunteers!  You’re the best!


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  1. Abby Says:

    great pictures-I especially liked the one of you painting! Abby

  2. Lauren Says:

    Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  3. Shelly Jones Says:

    Love it! Looks so much warmer and inviting. Lovely creation!

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