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Project Home continues to decorate and furnish apartments for the families of National Center for Children and Families.  I haven’t blogged about it in quite some time, but we have helped several families since my last blog months ago.  I’ve just been too busy !

Karen Murley and I were able to decorate an apartment in March BEFORE the family moved in.  The mother and two daughters (ages 10 and 12) were moving in from the shelter with nothing.  They were homeless and couldn’t pay the rent on their storage unit so they lost everything in it.

Fortunately, this apartment already had some furniture in it that we had put in for the previous family this past summer.  We added to what was there, fully stocking the kitchen with dishes, pots and pans, we painted bookcases, put up shower curtains, put pictures on the walls, curtains on the windows and turned the apartment into a comfortable home.  I wish I could have been there when they moved in to see the girls pick out which room they wanted.  We did one in pink and one in purple.  The mother’s bedroom was especially nice  because a fellow decorator, Denise Standon,  had just given us custom made curtains and a matching headboard from a room that she was redecorating.  Everything fell into place quickly on this project, with the help of designer, Karen Snyder of Cherry  and my good friend, Kathy Rozansky.  Another dear friend, Anne, donated a basket full of food, to stock their shelves.


We are always gathering items  and looking for help with the projects, so if you would like to participate in the future projects, just let me know!

Best to all of you for your continued support of Project Home.greentree-3-23-11-0181greentree-3-23-11-0192

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